RELEASE DATE: 21 February 2023



"Minister of Economy Vahan Kerobyan positively highlighted the activities of the Mundfish development hub in Republic of Armenia."

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"On March 25th Minister of Economy Vahan Kerobyan visited the Mundfish development hub in Republic of Armenia and was impressed by the work done."

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"Atomic Heart is a deeply ambitious, highly imaginative, and consistently impressive atompunk-inspired attempt at picking up where the likes of BioShock left off – something it’s done with a lot of success."

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"Atomic Heart keeps on going and throws everything at the wall, from large set-pieces to quiet moments of exploration, packed encounters or tough single enemies, stealth areas that you can bull on through if sneaking isn’t your thing, and plenty of little puzzles to add more variety to a game that already had plenty."

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"The fact that Mundfish has delivered such a formidable shooter on its debut release is astonishing. It’s a reminder of how rare it is now to see a story-driven, single-player shooter produced to this high standard."

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"If you’re in the market for an interesting FPS puzzle-solving experience, this might be what you’re looking for."

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