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In 2017, a group of like-minded people founded Mundfish with the purpose of creating a game of their dreams. Back then there were only 4 of us, and that is when the story of Atomic Heart began. Artyom Galeev, Robert Bagratuni, Eugenia Sedova and Oleg Gorodishenin have set an objective – to release a game which would be recognized alongside such masterpieces as “Bioshock”, “Fallout” and “DOOM”. With games we have all played and loved.

Since then, we have been working relentlessly each and every single day and are approaching our goal with confident striding. Over the past few years we were joined by numerous talented workers, each of whom shares the Mundfish DNA and is an integral part of the team.

An experienced team of developers for whom quality is the ultimate priority, has allowed us to speed up the process.
Atomic Heart is an ambitious project. Every single minute detail must be controlled in order to so thoroughly demonstrate the game’s unusual world, to tell the personal life story of the Agent P-3 and write a strong and captivating storyline. It’s always a challenge.
We do not copy the old – we create the new. The pioneering ideas are the foundation of our philosophy. This is our very DNA – creating primary content, which then becomes a reference itself.
It is imperative that we have full control over the creation of the game and not to hand it over to the large corporations, whose objectives may differ greatly from ours. This is exactly why we work solely with those companies which do share our approach to the development.

Our investors – Gaijin Entertainment, Gem Capital and Tencent.
Our hardware partner – Nvidia.

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