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About us

In 2017, four people decided to create something extraordinary in the computer game industry, and that is when we got together and founded this company. The talented global team that leads Mundfish is solely focused on creating an original, captivating, and unique gaming experience with our first title, Atomic Heart. Mundfish studio came to life with the intention of inspiring gamers with awe and childlike joy for gaming.

With the release of our first game about a utopian society in an alternate reality, our dynamic team of 30-somethings has created an original, unique gaming experience that has disrupted the industry with its creativity. Artem Galeev, Robert Bagratuni, Evgenia Sedova, and Oleg Gorodishenin have built an incredible team of 130 creatives from 10 countries including Poland, Armenia, UAE, Serbia, Ukraine, Austria, Georgia, Israel and Cyprus.

Thanks to this experienced team of developers, for whom quality is an absolute priority, we were able to create Atomic Heart, an ambitious project. In order to show the unusual universe of the game in such detail, tell the personal story of Agent P-3, and create a game with a strong and exciting plot, we acquired and sustained control of every aspect of the game down to the smallest detail. What an epic adventure!

The originality of ideas is the basis of our philosophy: We have created a whole new world dedicated to originality and uniqueness. Creating original content, which becomes a reference in itself and a disruptor in our industry is in our DNA. It was important for us to have full control over the game as it was being created, and not to hand it over to corporations with goals different from ours. We are proud to only work with companies that share our ethics and meticulous approach to development and creativity.

• Mundfish is not a political figure or a political tool for any nation. We are not affiliated with any political organization and Atomic Heart is a game that is not about politics either.

• Mundfish has no tie to any government. Investors and shareholders of Atomic Heart are not associated with any government organizations or companies, and all are located in Europe. All benefits and profits related to Atomic Heart will apply in accordance with the tax laws of the European Union.

• Mundfish does not create any propaganda. We do not propagate anything other than gaming. Atomic Heart is an action game and is designed for entertainment purposes only. Our story is only comparable to sci-fi movies and franchises that take place in fictional alternative universes. It is just a game that has been under development for the past five years.

• Mundfish only has pure intentions. We only create games to entertain our players.

We would like to thank the community members who support us, and we are very grateful for the millions of players who are enjoying Atomic Heart around the world.

If you want to be part of something extraordinary, share Mundfish philosophy, and want to contribute to our unique universe, check out our Careers section. Who knows? You might stumble on something interesting there!

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