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About us

In 2017, a team of like-minded people in Cyprus founded the Mundfish studio in order to make a dream game come true. At that time there were only 4 of us, with whom the history of Atomic Heart began. Artem Galeev, Robert Bagratuni, Evgenia Sedova and Oleg Gorodishenin set a goal – to release a game that can be put on a par with such games as Bioshock, Fallout and DOOM. With games that we’ve all played and that we all love.

Since then, we have been working hard every day and are moving towards the intended goal with a confident stride. Over the past years, we have been joined by many talented employees from around the world, each of whom shares the DNA of Mundfish and each of whom has become an integral part of it.

Thanks to an experienced international team of developers, for whom quality is an absolute priority, we were able to start moving even faster.
Atomic Heart is an ambitious project. To show the unusual universe of the game in such detail, to tell the personal story of Agent P-3, and to create a game with a strong and exciting plot, one must be able to control every aspect of the game down to the smallest detail. It’s always a challenge.
We don’t copy others. Instead we create a whole new world. The originality of ideas is the basis of our philosophy. This is in our DNA – to create original content, which becomes a reference in itself.
It is important for us to have full control over the game as it is being created, and not to hand it over to large corporations, whose goals may be very different from ours. Therefore, we work only with companies that share our meticulous approach to development.

Our investors are Gaijin Entertainment, Gem Capital, and Tencent.
Our Hardware partner is Nvidia.

If you share Mundfish philosophy, check out our Career section. Who knows? You might stumble on something interesting there!

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