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We are Mundfish gaming studio, a friendly team composed of the veterans of the industry and the new young talent. We are currently working on “Atomic Heart” – a story-oriented single-player FPS (first-person shooter), the events of which unravel in alternate history USSR.

We are confident that everything begins with the people that create the world of “Atomic Heart” as well as our fans, for whom we improve it every day. We aim to create an atmosphere in our community and our studio of a true gaming “lab”, where the relationships are based on trust and respect. We do NOT support the agenda of the corporations and do not create low quality goods. We exist solely to make primary products.

Work in the gaming industry combines art and technology. We are fully convinced that our project can be called state-of-the-digital-art, when art, design and tech are blended to create an extraordinary gaming experience and broaden the limits of the possible within said game. This is attainable only if truly gifted are on the job. If you deem yourself to be one of the capable – join us. Do not miss out on the opportunity to work on the “Atomic Heart”!

Atomic Heart is one of the largest single-player projects for PC and current and next gen consoles.

Our objective is to create a World Class project which will grant millions of people a spectacular gaming experience. You, as a content creator and/or a developer, will be rewarded with financial retribution, early access to the game, experience and so much more of that which is impossible to find outside Mundfish.

Working at Mundfish will guarantee you moving up your career ladder, as well as ameliorating your skills, while simultaneously bringing you true joy. =)

We are making a closely-knit and a driven team that is work-oriented and will focus on solving the players’ key problems. We’ve got everything we need for that – ideas, resources, and, most of all, a friendly team of professionals.

If you exhibit quality, dedication, taste, attention to detail and love for your work, then we want you!

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