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P-3 / Sergey Alekseyevich Nechaev

An experienced soldier and a veteran of numerous battles, Major Nechaev is a rather pensive and gloomy individual, although this doesn’t stop him from constantly making caustic remarks. Some might call this arrogant behavior, while others might regard it as a defense mechanism to protect him the world around him. Both would be correct. Agent P-3’s past wasn’t all rainbows and butterflies, and everything good that ever happened to him was lost in the blink of an eye and soon forgotten.

He is fully aware that Dr. Dmitry Sechenov saved his life after many missions by performing surgeries on him on more than one occasion, ultimately augmenting the agent’s bones using modern PTA-4 alloys and equipping him with combat Polymer implants. Now, Nechaev is ready to repay the doctor by acting as a spec ops agent.

He has carefully studied various types of weaponry and mastered both ranged and melee combat. He has always believed that machines should never be trusted. However, the major doesn’t know about everything that’s going on and is yet to find out the truth.

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