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Viktor Vasilyevich Petrov

An engineer, roboticist, and programmer, Petrov began his career at Facility 3826’s roboticized theater as it was in the midst of its most transformative upgrades. He has proved himself to be a talented and inventive specialist in this promising emerging branch of science and showed a certain amount of creative vision. Comrade Petrov has an excellent grasp of art, which has helped him make friends with the director of the roboticized theater as well as Facility 3826 Deputy Director Michael Stockhausen, a well-known aesthete and patron of the arts.

Thanks to his friendship with Comrade Stockhausen, Petrov was able to demonstrate his skills and the fruits of his studious labor to Comrade Sechenov himself. The head of the Facility greatly appreciated the young programmer’s hard work and pragmatism, which led to Petrov being assigned to a leading position in his scientific team dedicated to the development of the Kollektiv 2.0 neural network.

He has since been reprimanded and got community service at Vavilov Complex for his betrayal of the Facility’s ideals and his excessive ambitions, which threaten the safety of society.

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