The game got a second update, adding endless waves mode on a new map, ammo drop/pickup mechanics and other various changes and fixes.

Full changelog:
• Added Endless Waves mode on a totally new map. Barricade and survive as long as you can! Enemies will appear from different spot, gradually breaking through the defenses.
• Added ammo drop and pickup mechanics. Use grip buttons to collect ammo or you won’t last long!
• Play area on many maps has been expanded by numerous requests of our players.
• Improved and expanded tutorial to prepare new players for combat!
• Balance improvement on all levels
• Added easter egg in lobby
• Fixed lighting bug on some maps
• Enemies are correctly slowed by Officer’s secondary weapon
• Fixed bug regarding points award for kills
• Improved optimisation on some levels
• Fixed other various bugs

Big thanks to the community for all the feedback!

P.S. We know that many players are waiting for the story mode levels. We are working hard on them and in the near future we will be able to show them to you! We also want to make the overall controls and game mechanics as interesting as possible, so we hope you’ll enjoy this update!