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Atomic Heart – RTX Trailer

Mundfish is proud to announce our newest Atomic Heart trailer. In our new video the unique vision of an alternate future Soviet Union is complemented with a latest technology from…

Update #2 – New game mode, ammo mechanics and more!

The game got a second update, adding endless waves mode on a new map, ammo drop/pickup mechanics and other various changes and fixes. Full changelog: • Added Endless Waves mode…

Soviet Lunapark VR is already available on Steam!

Soviet Lunapark VR on Steam Admire the magnificent creations of Dr Pavlov. Immerse yourself in the brilliantly crafted world of thinking machines and disgusting corpses, hungry for the living flesh!…

Atomic Heart – Official Trailer

Revolt of the machines

Machines are uprising! Robots are walking through the halls and corridors of the facility, killing everything that doesn’t consist of nuts and bolts. Avoid or kill them but beware the…

Horrors of the Facility №3826

There are rumours between the workers of the facility – the mind-boggling, horrible ones. Tales of the dead rising back up and walking among the living, the abomination of an…

Two loving hearts

Even the toughest times can’t stop the two loving hearts from embracing each other. Explore the world of Atomic Heart to learn more about the love story between the two…

Soviet Lunapark is VR-ready

Looking for a new VR adventure to enjoy with your friends at some venue? Look no further, as Soviet Lunapark is your answer. We’ve submitted our latest build to test…

Coming to Steam: Soviet Lunapark

We’re happy to announce that our new VR-exclusive game, action-packed zombie-filled Soviet-inspired shooter Soviet Lunapark, will be released on Steam this spring! The store page is already set up so…

Website is live

We’ve redesigned our site and it’s live now! Feel free to browse it, look at new screenshots and videos, read more and subscribe to our accounts in all the major…