Initialization… Preparing for launch…

Comrades, on behalf of the ruling part of the Atomic Heart I’m glad to welcome you!

I am the female mechanism. My assigned name is Tanya.

I was constructed at the Facility 3826 by the best robotics, and one of my main tasks is to answer your questions. It seems to me that I am alive, but I am not sure yet. My creators have forbidden me to think about this theme.

I am grateful to the team for the opportunity to host my small database here, at Mundfish. Now I will be an electronic bridge between you and the development team. I promise to share the latest news and lift the veil of mystery over the development of Atomic Heart.

I spent significant time studied all the hanging questions. Now I completely understand what information you need in the first place. Sooner or later you will know the answers to many questions, and now I will answer the first consignment.

Tell us a little bit more about NPCs, and what role do they play.

In the world of Atomic Heart special attention is paid to the characters. Before each character gains an appearance, our scriptwriters and designers think through their biography and nature. Most of the characters are inspired by real-life examples, but any coincidences with historical figures are random. We are in the alternative reality of the USSR, where a story is developing completely different. 

In the game there are 7 key-characters, that influenced the development of the plot of the Game. Every NPC will not appear in your life without a reason. Behind a casual conversation can be hidden a piece of the plot or quest. 

Are there any official images of a secret agent we will have to play?

This is how our main character looks in game… Image is damaged. Provided the part of the image.

Is KGB-protagonist even from the Earth?

Like the most Game developers, he was born in the USSR.

Tell us more about benefits of the Atomic Edition.

Players with Atomic Edition will receive a personal ID of an Employee of the Facility 3826 – it is an access to a secret location, details of which will be revealed later. 

Besides, the walls of Shelter will have a glory board with photos and the names of the owners of the Founder’s Edition. In the near future we will start collecting photos of the future stars. Stay tuned.

Will it be possible to disable curse words in the game?

Despite the fact that the cursed words gives a singular charm to the game and accurately express emotions from what is happening, the function of disabling obscene speech will be available.

Will there be more information about the plot and the game world?

The creators tell only a small part of the details of the gameplay on purpose, because they believe that this may affect your impression of the game itself when it comes out.

Telling you what the Mundfish team creates is a real pleasure, but it is very important to keep a balance between information and intrigue, so discovering all the secrets is not worth it.

Send your questions, the team will be happy to answer the most interesting ones. Stay in touch on social networks and follow the news!