Two years ago, in 2017, a team of like-minded people founded Mundfish to develop a game they’ve dreamed of. There were only 4 people who’ve started the story of Atomic Heart.

From that day forward we’ve been working tirelessly every day to get closer to our goal. Recently we’ve expanded our team up to 45 very talented people who share our goals and form Mundfish as a company. We’re extremely excited about our increase in production rate due to experienced team of developers whose absolute priority is quality.

2018 was special for us for two reasons.

First, we’ve realised we have you!

Although we’ve proceeded blindly before May 2018 we now understand how many people care about our project. This incredible feeling motivates to make our game perfect even more.

Second, we’ve understood you’re not merely here with us but ready to provide support! It means a lot and we’re very grateful!

Atomic Heart is an ambitious project. It’s an utmost importance to control every slightiest detail when you try to show such unusual setting and tell a personal story of Agent P-3. Making a game with an immersive plot is not an easy task to take.

It’s always a challenge.

We don’t copy, we create.

What’s also important for us is to have a full control over development and keep it from direct influence of big corporations, whose goals might differ from ours. After long discussions we’ve understood we need more time than expected so we’ve made a difficult choice to cancel a beta test and multiplayer part of the game.

The sole purpose of beta was to test a multiplayer game mode because of demanding serverside and balance issues. We’ve planned to release it as a Holiday gift for our players, keep it live for a week and collect feedback afterwards. But in the process it became clear the focus on story is much more important than multiplayer. We believe the launch of beta prior to release would be a premature step and test itself might unintentionally spoil game’s world and narrative. We don’t want it to happen this way.

We will close pre-orders with a discounted price in 4 days (October 9). Lowered price was a bonus for those who’ve decided to support us on early stages of development. Please keep in mind all editions’ bonuses will be delivered as promised. We are also ready to accept a refund for everyone who is not happy with beta cancellation – just contact us.

We want to thank everyone who support us and believe in Atomic Heart project. We continue our journey to deliver you the best gaming experience possible. We’ll share a release date along with other great news upcoming Spring.

Stay tuned!