Position Technical Artist


  • Work on the game's visual technologies, including RTX;
  • Integrate 3D assets into Unreal Engine. Set up lodes, collisions, materials, etc.;
  • Profiling and optimization work.;
  • Work with complex materials, effects. Set up Destruction system;
  • Interact with artists, designers and engineers.;
  • Improve the technical pipeline. Create and improve working tools;
  • Write technical documentation.


  • Work experience in Unreal Engine;
  • Good knowledge of BluePrints, Material Editor and UE4 structure in general;
  • Experience working with 3D packages (Maya, Zbrush, Substance Painter, Substance Designer).


  • Experience writing HLSL shaders;
  • Experience with C++;
  • A strong portfolio of effects and materials;
  • Work experience as a Level/Environment Artist with the appropriate portfolio;
  • Experience working with open worlds;
  • Experience with RTX.
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