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The mechanics of a railgun utilizes electromagnetic Lorentz forces, closing two parallel guide rails after a short and very powerful current pulse is applied. Initial studies assumed the mandatory presence of an accelerated mass (ammunition), where the closing projectile is ejected at hypersonic speed under the pressure of plasma formed by a powerful arc discharge.

A railgun powered by pure electromagnetic energy without the use of a projectile allows for the capability to instantly split almost any target in a given mass range. The damage from such a weapon turned out to be so great that many countries sent their advanced armor protection technologies for revision.

For a long time, the main disadvantage of the railgun was its huge size, but in 1952, the Shpagin Design Department presented a simplified tank version – polymer induction EBR-2, which was available for heavy infantry. Fortunately, the batteries of Nechaev’s jumpsuit can effectively power the EBR-2 through a universal port.

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