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In winter, the less well-brought-up children in Leningrad have a mischievous tradition: putting actual rocks into snowballs in order to take the neighbor kids out of the game for a long time. If you increase the effect of these rocks by about a thousand times, you get the Snowball.
It’s a huge pile driving hammer that is capable of driving a railway spike into the ground, or an enemy into a deep coma, in just one hit. It’s especially effective against groups of enemies who risk coming too close to the weapon’s wielder.
Its mace-like construction, which was literally taken from the pages of a history book about the Middle Ages, has been successfully fused with a polymeric alloy, turning the Snowball into the perfect weapon for a true battle on the ice.

It’d be interesting to glance through the pages of the Deimos OS network that the damaged Kollektiv 1.0 used as its instructions when assembling this weapon!

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