Greetings, comrades!

The day has come, when you can leave your mark on the history of Atomic Heart. Today collecting photos of the owners of the Founder’s Edition begins!
Mundfish team is especially grateful to the players supporting the project from the start. Your photos on the wall of fame are an honor for us.

If you are the proud owner of the Founder’s Edition, but for some reason have not yet joined the official Atomic Heart Discord server, to be able to send a photo you need to join the server using this link –

To start the process of sending a photo, write a /piс command to the RAF bot and follow his instructions. The bot will ask you to send him the secret code from the email that you received when you bought the Founder’s Edition – check your email, you should receive another reminder letter.

While you are choosing one of your photos, remember that you do not have to upload your own photo. It can be a photo of your friend, your pet or just your favourite image.

Not all images can be accepted, therefore, when you will download it, follow these rules:

  • The image should not contain an erotic context;
  • The image should not cause ethnic conflict;
  • The image must not contain the names and logos of prohibited organizations;
  • The image should not promote and illustrate violence.

We reserve the right to reject your image if it violates moral standards and is offensive in nature.
To capture yourself forever in the game, you must be the owner of the Founder’s Edition. If you still have not decided to purchase it, hurry up until the limited edition is available for purchase!