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MA-9 "Belyash"

The large-sized robot MA-9 is used for installation, plumbing and welding work; it can carry a payload weighing half a ton, and its manufacturer guarantees at least 20 years of service. Unlike the MA-7 and MA-8, which were engaged in manual or semi-automatic welding, the MA-9 has argon arc welding technology available. But this is not the limit. It is expected that laser welding will finally be introduced in the MA-10. Thanks to the shell, which is made of steel and titanium alloys, Belyash can even work in extreme conditions ranging from -75 to +75 °C. Its chassis is assembled on a chimpanzee skeleton so that the product can independently climb on steep surfaces and construction beams. An interesting fact – Vitaly Mikhalovich Abalakov, an honored master of mountaineering, was engaged in the development of Belyash’s hands.

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