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VOV-A6 Lab Tech

The VOV-A6 robot helps scientists carry out experiments and tests in research facilities. The Lab Tech was given human shape to reduce the psychological impact on human employees.

Originally, the Lab Tech shell was made of aluminum alloys and plastic. After the groundbreaking biological Polymer discovery, however, all subsequent models have been shipped in a cutting-edge hull. Its anthropomorphic hand prostheses are packed with sensors, providing the high precision required to handle hazardous substances and make accurate calculations.

Ever since it was created, the Lab Tech has earned a variety of monikers: Labster, Mustache, Stach, Cockroach, Skinny. But Vova is what stuck in the hearts of people.
Western users also had a hard time finding a name for the popular machine, starting with Tovarisch and Skinnyboy but eventually settling on the usual Lab Tech or Vova.

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