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ARU-31/6 Rotorobot

Automatic self-propelled rotary mower ARU-31/6. Rotorobot was designed for a wide range of agricultural work: cutting grass for silage, harvesting crops, clearing weeds and brush. The robot can move on rough terrain and work in difficult weather conditions.
The rotation speed of the mower blades starts at 540 rpm. Use extreme caution when turning it on to prevent accidents.

Rotorobot’s tentacle-like graspers are a unique development we have seen over the last few years. Many robot technicians say they have a bright future in manufacturing, while the flexible, segmented pneumopods lend stability and mobility to the machine. The robot does not even lose mobility when heavily damaged. As a bonus, the pneumopods are easy to replace and can withstand heavy loads.

The only disadvantages are the lack of external armor and the overly alien look. But Rotorobot has never been out to win beauty contests at Facility 3826, preferring to do its talking with field work.

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