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Imagine you are creating a computer game. You are constantly bombarded by questions at every turn, such as which genre to go with, or various tech-related dilemmas. You answer them all, choose the mechanics of the game, process the most minuscule details of the genre and incorporate your vision into a clear and optimal plan for the game.

Now there are only very few questions remaining, concerning the storyline and the scenario: “How long should the gameplay be?”, “How many characters will there be?”, “Does your hero talk to himself out loud or keep quiet during the walkthrough?”, “Do we do cutscenes at all?”, “Do we do cutscenes from the first person’s point of view or from the third person’s point of view?”, “How many cutscenes do we do overall?”, “How much action will there be? Zero, almost all action, a healthy balance or slightly leaning to either side?”, etc.

Does this sound a bit academic?
Clearly, yes!

When you’re looking at that job in perspective, that’s exactly how it sounds. Moreover, that was just a mere fraction of all the questions we had to answer, and it was nothing like this. Obviously, we had a storyline, there was just no dialogue section. We also knew that the MC (main character) would definitely not stay quiet, because he has way too much to say, and sometimes with a bunch good old Russian curse words.

And, also, we had to make these cutscenes in such a way that the player would never even think about skipping them. Otherwise, our storyline would be worthless.

These are the thoughts we had in our heads when we were about to embark on this “quest”.

Nowadays we have our very own production studio. We’ve written an amazing storyline and have put the best people on the job. We had 278 acting auditions, of which only 7 people made the cut. The role of Major Nechaev (P-3), was filled after the first audition, because it feels like the actor Sasha Lomov is pretty much the Major himself.

Then we ordered Xsense costumes and Dynamixyz helmets, learned how to use them and we also learned how to record and interpret the data from mocap and face cameras. We scanned our heroes with 56 emotions, ordered the best quality rigs from the best people in the world. We have spent a full year to set this all up and to make it work.

Of course, we haven’t forgotten about the VR cameras, so that our talented operators could film cutscenes just like they do it in real life. We edited the cutscenes to look like A-list blockbuster movies.

We did all this so that you could enjoy over 90 minutes of cutscenes of “Atomic Heart”. The storyline of a powerful sci-fi thriller, made with love by those who do not simply love their jobs, but LIVE their jobs.

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